The door and window manufacturing world is shaped by a special dynamic. On the one hand, the market demands high regarding energy, safety and design; on the other hand, we have to resist the pressure on price increase and the challenges which occur in relation to increase. And this situation requires having a business partner who thinks with you.

VHB is business partner for this very reason: Reliable, competent, innovative. We develop and deliver high quality components and system solutions for manufacturing of doors & windows along with mounting materials.

We provide you with the highest benefit in the sector with our quality products and well thought of concepts. We will support you to be one step ahead of the market whilst keeping the processes suitable.

With the results of providing more comfort, less fault costs and significant saving… Are you curious about the added value of our concepts and products? 

’We are helping our customer to  make them successful. We achieve this by offering innovative products and services. Thus, we create an added value that you can not find anywhere else in the sector.’’    -VBH Turkey General Manager

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