Safe, high quality and comfortable barrel options in door technology,  compared to many other alternative solution partners: Double, half type and knob barrels.

Pull Handles

Inner door pulling handle option in many variations

Door Locks

Alternative options for recessed and length locks for PVC, wood and aluminium door: Cylindrical door locks, room door locks, bathroom/WC door locks.

Door Handles

We offer you many options in your decision of handles for wood inner doors. Considering model and feature, valuable inner door handles are selected according to the place where it is originally to be mounted.  For example; inner/outer door handles, project type handles, fire and emergency exit door handles are just a few of them.

Material range is wide, consisting of aluminium, stainless steel, chrome plated brass over handles.

Door Seals and Sashes

Door seals and sashes are insulation products used on doors and wings. In VHB, you can reach standard door seals as well as door sashes for use in fire and smoke controlled doors and drop down seals.

Door Hydraulics

Door hydraulics ensure to close the open door automatically and slowly. These are the systems with variable initial and closing speed between EN 2/6. They vary depending on where they are mounted, their closing angles and closing speeds.

Door Hinges

Door hinges are identified by door weight and movement. We help you to choose with our hinge options for double or twin doors made of PVC, wood, aluminium, steel and glass door  or a combination of these materials.

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