Basic Slide

15,5 Axis Zamak Center Slide Espagnolette PVC and wood windows 

Tilt & Slide

Suitable for PVC, wood or aluminium doors & windows with a large surface area. When the wings are slided to the edge, they do not extend into the room and form large transition areas. Thanks to the smooth sliding door handle, the wings can be easily driven, locked or moved into the overturned position. It is also possible to supply the system at an increased security level. The tilting drive system works perfectly in applications up to a wing dimension of 2.000-2.400 mm.

Folding Sliding

System is suitable for doors made of PVC or wood. Top or bottom sliding can be universally applied to any profile. Each wing is folded and pushed to the edge and positioned in a narrow form next to transition area. The maximum opening created when the wings are opened is 6.500 mm, and it is possible to apply 12 variable schemes with 2 to 7 wings in the system. Transition wing between the wings, which are having a maximum carrying capacity of 80 kg, can be equipped with single or double opening system according to the demand.

Lift and Slide

The system is suitable for a total width of 13.300 mm and can bu used for PVC and wood profiles with 300 kg of wing weight. Moving wings equipped with heavy glass can move easily and safely thanks to its special  kinematics. Because Hebeschiebe system requires a low mounting depth, it can also be used in narrow profiles. Additionally, sealing and thermal isolation provide higher thermal insulation than saving with the aluminium lower rail.


Eco Slide, which is the most innovative slide system, has a carrying capacity up to 250 kg.

In the Eco Slide system, you can find the isolation characteristics of the tilt&slide system and the comfortable features of the lift slide system together.

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